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im fucking howling linden ashby please educate yourself

Dude Morello’s backstory was probably the most bizarre so far that was really interesting even if she’s a bad person~~ lol I wanna know specifics on how Suzanne got there because she is such an angel that needs protecting it makes me so sad ;_;

Yeah Morello’s story was insane and I want to see more about how she got so crazy. And yeah I would seriously watch a whole show just about Suzanne because she’s so interesting and sweet and she actually breaks my heart a little every time she’s on screen.

Romeo + Juliet (1996) Trivia: Leonardo DiCaprio’s version of Romeo’s speech at Juliet’s bier was so good it moved Claire Danes to tears, nearly ruining the scene. The moment the director yelled “cut!,” Danes smacked DiCaprio on the arm and said, "Don’t make me cry. I’m supposed to be comatose, here!"

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Kris Jenner is the real life version of Regina George’s mom

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it’s him


it’s the theater thug


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Are you totally caught up? Cause like I could see where they’re goin with Alex after S2, they could also just dropped her completely then but meh. And yeah seriously more Suzanne/Poussey/Sophia, less white girl nonsense

Yeah I am and yeah I see where they’re going but I just think it’s boring and unnecessary. And YES, they are my favourites and there is so much more to their stories that we don’t know yet. I’d also like to see more of Morello because she makes me sad but in a good way.


Arctic Monkeys - 505

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Yeah fuck Boo. I saw the creator of the show even say that they only focused on Piper because it’s easier to get someone to pick up your show when they see a pretty white girl as the main character. Lame~~ I hate that Alex is in every episode of S3:/

Seriously the only word I can think of to describe Boo is icky, like ugh she’s so creepy. Fuck - is she really? I was hoping they would start gradually fading both Piper and Alex out since, as you said, they need pretty white girls for people to watch the show but they’ve served their purpose now and everyone’s hooked so they are not needed. Like what else is there for them to do? We already know their stories. There are so many more characters to explore.